Nehemiah safe house is a registered Non-profit organisation. In 2013 husband and wife Bronson and Amy joined a Mission in Cape Town to serve and assist with the homeless children and people.

Amy had identified the struggles with children and new moms coming from difficult backgrounds in particular. It was through this experience that their hearts had softened and felt the need to assist children.

Amy spent a fair amount of time attending courses through Agape in Cape Town who train and equip people to prepare them for the road ahead when fostering children.

A short while after, Bronson and Amy registered with Social Development to start the Journey. After meeting the requirements and waiting a short period they were blessed with their first foster child, in November 2014.

After spending time attending to their foster child’s needs they realised the importance of a good, safe home and family environment. They focused their attention on how they could be of assistance to children while maintaining a normal family life. The only way they could see it working was for them to open their doors to children in need. This fueled Amy to register as an Non-profit organisation so that they comply with the law, and be a home to more children, as well being accountable to those who support them.

Our Home

Why 'Turning Tears To Laughter' ?

Nehemiah Safe House – Dad and Mom

Number of children in our homes
Average nappy changes per day
Average number of bottles per day
Average loads of washing per week

Who do we assist?

We work through social development who identify and investigate cases of child abandonment, abuse, and neglect. In the case where a child has been abandoned or they feel a child needs to be removed due to a certain criteria after their investigation, we are then contacted. We assist in emergency care, safety care and foster care through a court order. The children that come into our home who are orphaned we will adopt. Shockingly, to date all the children that have been through our home have been directly affected by drug abuse. It is scary. By the time you have finished browsing our website a staggering statistic shows that 10 children would have been raped or sexually abused in South Africa. Although the figures are extremely high we believe that we have a role to play in our society. We hope more families will open their homes to children in need.

Sadly most children that we have cared for have either been;

  • Abused
  • Neglected
  • Abandoned
Drug related
Children that have gone through detox
Children with severe trauma

Your contributions towards our homes are making a difference. Thank you!

About us

Nehemiah Safe House is a home for children that are in need of care and protection. They will be loved and nurtured in a safe Godly and homely environment until such time they can be reunited with their family. NPO No: 167-855 . We would like to thank everyone that has supported our home. We could not do it without the love and support of the community, businesses, families and individuals that have come forward to assist us. It has been a difficult yet rewarding journey as we get to see children grow in a loving environment.