Dino’s Alive – Cape Gate Shopping mall

dino's alive

Dino’s Alive Outing

The wonderful people from the Dino’s Alive exhibition at the Cape Gate Shopping Center treated our whole family to a wonderful evening out. Nehemiah safe house is truly blessed.

Boetie really likes Dinosaurs. However, he had never seen them on “a life like scale”. He could not have been anymore surprised than what he was as when he first put his feet into the exhibition.

dino's alive

We were greeted by some friendly people with coupons for popcorn, coldrink and candy floss. Boetie could hear all the sounds the dinosaurs were making and was waiting in total suspense and anticipation. As we peeked around the corner he shouted with excitement and jumped back with eyes wide open as the first big dinosaur was bearing down on him.

He held my hand so tight but he was still so excited at what he was seeing. As we made our way through the exhibit we were told all about the varies types of dinosaurs. It was very interesting. The twins were also with us on their very first outing. They did not make a sound as they were trying to process all the action that was around them.

The highlight for Boetie was the mechanical dinosaurs. He actually got to climb on a dinosaur that moved and roared. He was scared but very brave and would not miss-out on the opportunity. 8 rides later he was satisfied and made friends with the scary creature, as we could tell by the way he was gently stroking its large head like he does at home with the family dog. He did not stop smiling for even a moment. dino's alive

Life Like Dinosaurs

We turned our attention to the large tables filled with sweets, cakes, milkshakes, deserts and the list goes on; almost as if we were in a scene from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Boetie had filled his one hand with sweets and grabbed a bubblegum milkshake. The look on his face was priceless. Total happiness.

We are really thankful to the organisers of the exhibition who included our family for a great night out for the children. Boetie had spoken about the outing for days. He could not wait to get to school so that he could share the news with his friends and teachers.

We really recommend heading on out to see the exhibition for yourself. It is worth it. Here is the link to the site :

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