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Dis-Chem Sponsorship, Bayside Mall – Table View

We first made contact with Dis-Chem back in June 2016 of this year. Their head office put us in contact with the Bayside branch. We were met with with some friendly staff.

N.H.S was so surprised when we were blessed with some really big boxes. We were not sure what was inside but we were excited. Once we had opened the boxes we realised it was exactly what was needed.13416790_10153477597540810_3579876856039449693_o We were able to pack 54x care bags with items received. The store manager Jacques Oppelt had agreed to sponsoring the project and we would like to thank him for their continued support.

Because of the Dis-Chem Sponsorship and like our other supporters we are able to reach these precious new born babies and their moms. We are truly grateful and see a community at work and coming together for the greater good. Thus, It is not possible on our own and we are blessed to be the hands and feet of this project.

Dis-Chem Providing Care and Support

A couple of months had passed and Dis-Chem again set aside boxes for the care bag project and contacted us on Friday the 23rd of September for a collection . We were once again met with friendly faces that encouraged us to continue doing the good work.

The boxes featured the same contents as the first donation and we realised how blessed we are, as this will contribute to another 54x care bags to go out over the next two weeks.

We would like to thank Dis-Chem Bayside Mall for their continued support in this regard. Furthermore we hope to grow our relationship with you over the coming months. You are a big part of the success for the project! Thank you!

Please head-on over to Dis-Chems website to view what their foundation is about. Dis-Chem providing care and support to improve the lives of individuals.

Dis-Chem Sponsorship

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