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District Watch

District Watch, supporting the Nehemiah Safe House

We first made contact with Gawie Venter from District Watch on the 17th August 2016 in connection with our fundraiser taking place at Pannarottis Canal Walk . We were welcomed with open arms and District Watch was more than willing to donate a prize towards the fundraiser. As it would turn out the couple that won the 2 months free armed response and monitoring were already clients of District Watch, so the gift was very appreciated. Gawie assured us that District Watch would be of support to Nehemiah Safe House, especially since there would be children on the premises day and night.

We unfortunately live next door to an open lane. We have approached the municipality to close off the lane but because there is a Eskom box in the lane it poses a problem. To get Eskom and the municipality to communicate is a rather difficult process to get some sort of agreement and approval. We have written a letter to Helen Carstens and will forward it to her during the week, for assistance in the matter.

District WatchIn one week we have had 2 (two) incidents were someone was on our property early hours of the morning. The first incident a young male was trying to get in through our dog flap at the kitchen door. He did not know that we have a slam lock on the inside. He got caught up in the door and the gate. Our dog started to growl at him, and my husband got up to investigate. As soon as he switched on the kitchen light the intruder pulled back through the gate, and fled, using the lane down the side of the house as his escape route.

In addition, the second incident occurred at roughly the same time in the early hours of the morning. There was a shaking of the vibacrete wall and our dogs started to bark. My husband went to investigate and heard someone running across the steel roof sheets on the extension to the house. If someone stands on the vibacrete walling it is only a jump onto our roof. The intruder then disappeared into the night. We turned on all the outside lights.

On both occasions we contacted District Watch. We have the number written and posted behind every door in the house. They notified the police and were at our front door within 2 – 3 minutes. They searched the lane, even looking inside our black bin. Checked our property and made sure we locked up properly. The Bothasig police had seen 2 suspicious males walking at the bottom of our road when they were arriving, and left to pursue them. Thank you to Bothasig Police who were great. District Watch patrolled our street and we noticed that an hour later after the incident, they were still driving up and down patrolling.

Crime is on the increase!

The gentlemen on patrol that evening from District Watch has informed us that there had been a few incidences within the Bothasig Area of late. Seems like mostly garage break-ins. He suggested we contact his offices in the morning to speak with someone in-connection with having an alarm system installed and along with armed response and monitoring.

The next morning I contacted Gawie to advice us on the best possible solution. As a result he said he would come out and visit us. Gawie was extremely helpful. He spoke with us and gave some tips on becoming more aware on our surroundings. He inspected the property and showed us weak points that needed attention.

District Watch has been kind enough to offer us free monitoring and armed response for the safe house. We are very appreciative for the offer and support. In addition we will be installing an alarm system with District Watch.

Gawie told us about the importance of community networking. Furthermore, that in order to combat crime we need to work together as a community. Statistics have shown a decrease in crime where communities are tight nit. Therefore you should also report crime that you might think is not necessary. We are excited to hear about the LPR Camera project that District Watch has supported and have been the driving force behind the scenes to get it into operation. Please visit for more information.

Nehemiah Safe house would like to thank Gawie for his keen interest and friendly service. We also thank District Watch for supporting our home. We are appreciative in your efforts to combat crime in our area.

District Watch

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