Hard working guys and gals receive a blessing


Working hard


So Bronson visited the local car wash in our area as the bakkie was in need of a good clean. He got talking with brothers that are from Zimbabwe about their struggles, the similarities in South African struggles, leaving their families and striving to provide for their loved ones and so forth.

Bronson came home and told me how happy everyone was at the car wash. They were dancing, singing, and just upbeat about life despite their hardships they face daily. It was then decided that we should try and bless them with a hamper of items to take home for Christmas and their families.

I spoke with Blair and she was right on it. Blair with her amazing support from her family and friends was able to gather most of the items needed for the hampers. It was really amazing. Our dining room table was packed. Everybody was going home with a large bag filled with goodies. A lot of our community, family and friends came through and dropped items off at our home. Was so great to see the love that everybody had for the initiative. hamper

We packed each hamper with love and headed out the day before Christmas. We were welcomed with so much love and happiness. It was just a blessing! We would like to thank everyone that made this a possibility. There are often people within our community that go unnoticed. They work really hard. If everyone took a little time to love their neighbour just imagine the change.

We are grateful to Blair Peterson who always does such an awesome job in assisting the home and working hard. We cannot thank her enough! Also, to my two special aunts. They know who they are! You are such an amazing inspiration and blessing to me, our community and my family. Thank you!

We will continue to keep the guys and gals at the carwash in our prayers, and thoughts. We will continue to bless them with items to take home to their families. Thank you for all your hard work!

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