‘Healing Hearts & Building Dreams’

Every little girl should be allowed to dream! We need to be able to protect that!

So only two short months ago after receiving so many regular phone calls for placement of children that have been sexually violated I spoke with my husband with much frustration. Our home is full with children but our hearts are big. No child should suffer abuse let alone sexual abuse. Shortly after praying and pondering on the situation and the phone calls I received. I had an unexpected visitor who is a teacher from a local school. She had informed us about the issues they face as teachers and the amount of assistance that young girls within our community need right now. I walked away from that meeting feeling frustrated but determined to do what I could to assist young girls that have experienced this type of abuse. I contacted social development and met up to discuss the issues that we as a community are facing. I walked away with confirmation that morning of what I needed to do. This would put more pressure on our home, but as a family, a supportive husband and great community with an even bigger faith – I decided to take on the challenge of opening a new home for girls only.

I chatted with my husband that evening and asked him that “If I was able to find a house to rent in the close vicinity (as our house is legally full and we cannot take in anymore children but also bearing in mind the age gaps of the children and the types of abuse which sometimes require different types of recovery) would he back me to open a home to assist sexually abused children?”

He only gave me an answer the next morning. And agreed even though he thought it might be difficult as finding a house close by is no easy task and also where a landlord would be prepared and willing to allow us to look after their home is no easy feat. However, I prayed and began to look for a home. That afternoon I came across an estate agent that had just listed a house in our area. I quickly phoned and to my shock the house was coming up for rent only a few houses up from us in the same street. It just had to be for us! There was an open viewing at 5:30pm and told my husband that we needed to go. Bronson honestly thought I was joking. So off we went to the viewing and the house was perfect. ( Thanks to Claire and Martin for watching the children while we went to the viewing).

After the shock on my husbands face as we drove home trying to fathom it all out I rushed down to fill out the application and email the forms. A few sleepless but excited nights I got a phone call from the wonderful estate agent to tell us “The house is ours if we still want it!” Of course we wanted it! I was jumping up and down. We serve a mighty God. Thank you Jesus!

The implications of setting up this home have been really difficult. I appreciate the community for coming forward and getting involved to make this a possibility . I created proposals and sent them out. Although Bronson and I were just able to cover the initial input and layout of the new home Рit is the monthly overheads that need attention and assistance to keep it going successfully.  Especially in the opening stages. If you would like to find out more information on the home please feel free to contact me so we can have a chat.

We have setup a secure payfast account after successfully completing the vetting process. If you would like to make a contribution to assist the home it would be gratefully appreciated. We will keep everyone updated as we press in.

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‘Healing Hearts & Building Dreams’ has been established to assist young girls who have experienced sexual abuse and are in need of restoration and healing. The home specifically caters for the most vulnerable in our community. The home will provide for their needs, schooling, healing, as well as working on restoring their identity and innocence they rightly deserve. Children should never be exposed to abuse of any form and deserve a safe and protected environment to heal their hearts and build on their dreams. We are very excited and blessed to have opened this home in our community.

Much love