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Family Safe Home

One thing is for certain, since we have opened our doors to children in need of a safe home, our family has grown. We not talking just about the precious children that come into our lives but in the support from people we receive and meet. Our family and friends have also been amazing. One of the most important aspects is to maintain a steady, safe and comfortable home environment for the children as they come from very difficult backgrounds. We deal with many issues and this at most times requires a lot of energy and attention. Circumstances which we never could have imagined. So from a phone call to say hi, to dropping off donations to raise funds, from the messages of encouragement, and financial input – it is well appreciated!

We often have people ask us “What does the safe home need?” We ourselves, as we grow realise that the list seems to grow along with us as we reach out. Although we cover the running costs of our home we do find that in order to reach more children and grow we are in need of support as the financial implications become greater.

We have sat down, with much Faith and Prayer, and brainstormed. Ultimately, we need to become more self-sustainable. So that we don’t, firstly become an over bearing burden to others in our community, and secondly to elevate the stress and concern of the monthly financial requirements to sustain a family safe home. Apart from Bronson working and bringing in an income, we still needed to work out a plan that would sustain 7 children at any given time.

“The idea is that the children who come into our home still attend school and maintain a good upbringing”

The idea is that the children who come into our home still attend school to maintain a ‘good upbringing’. Our son goes to school, youth on a Friday, plays sport and has play dates, and we feel that this should be maintained with our foster children. Children must be properly stimulated and interact with other children to develop social and other important skills. Most of the children are young and in pre-school, with a relationship that has been established with a registered school in our area, our children are able to attend school at a reduced fee.

The government gives us R28.60 a day which amounts to R860.00 a month per child. {compare that figure to your dstv account and you realise how little these children receive to survive a month on} This amount given to us is to cover a number of things set out from social on a list – Realistically, it really does not even cover their basic schooling needs. So most of the financial obligations fall onto the safe home in some form or another.


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Determined and set a goal that within the next 2 years we would be able to be self-sustainable. However, this means a lot of Faith, Prayer and hard work is needed to make this a possibility along with your support.

We are increasing our team to include more people with great gifts to share our vision to the community with. If you think you have something special that you can offer and would like to become part of the Nehemiah family, please feel free to contact us on (072 049 2709) or drop us an email at amy@fostercare.co.za . We would love to hear and meet with you!

Often advised to ‘open a page’ or feature a “Donate now” button or section on our website. However, we have given this much thought and would prefer that the person, family, organisation, trust or company involved would rather make contact with us because they have seen what Nehemiah Safe House is about. Placed on their heart to reach out. Most people can just donate money but we believe that it takes something special for someone to identify and relate to the vision of the safe house, perhaps through some of the hardships that these children have gone through or through the operations of the Nehemiah Safe House household.

Relationship is important!

We would like to have a relationship with that person who contributed towards a child and helped make the home a possibility. Even if it might be an update email, or a meeting at the home with some of the children, or even just a phone call to let you know how the home is doing. These children are not ‘trophies’. They are future leaders, husbands and wives – moms and dads who will hopefully one day have their own children and family – and as a community we would have made that a real possibility! An accomplishment was when a family came to us and said “We would like to contribute R1500.00 a month to the safe home” because they had seen what the home is about and set out to accomplish. We felt truly blessed.

We believe that honesty, communication, appreciation and an open book are key to a healthy relationship with Nehemiah Safe House.


If you feel you would like to assist financially towards the safe home please feel free to make contact with us; please give us a call (072 049 2709) or drop us an email at amy@fostercare.co.za so we can have a chat.