The twins have arrived


Twins : Welcome Akhona and Anele

We were contacted about taking the twins in from social development. So headed out to Sarah Fox hospital in Athlone to meet with the social team, doctors and staff. Thereafter, we also got to meet with the twins. A sad story that really touched our hearts.

The twins were brought in from Somerset Hospital because of severe neglect and malnutrition. After a lengthy stay in hospital they recovered and were doing well. The next stage of their rehabilitation would be to go into a normal functioning family environment. However, social could not find them a home. The demand for homes is huge, with not many families able to take in two children, this became a difficult task. The only option was to separate them and place them with different families.

We went home and prayed about the situation. We knew that if nobody wanted to take the twins in – then we just knew that we would have to be the family that would take them in and give them the love and attention they needed. A day later we confirmed with social development that we would take the twins into our care. 15589639_10153950844185810_4852080304044473295_n

Strong and blessed

These little boys are tough. They faced a hard battle which included; severe malnutrition, terrible case of scabbies, and anemia.  The one little boy had a hernia operation and was born with 2x extra digits on his hands. Also from being in an hospital environment for so long they picked up a skin condition which continually re-occurred.

In the short space of these guys little lives they had combated so much. The odds were stacked against them but they are little fighters. At 16 months (fitting in 3-6 months clothing) we drove through to fetch the boys from the hospital to bring them home.

The journey is going to be a tough one. Our whole family would need to adjust. We are certain that with our Faith and the support we have from our community, friends, and family that we would be able to provide a nurturing environment for the twins. We hope to see them grow into strong and happy boys.

If you would like to find out more about the twins or get involved to assist please contact Amy at

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